Mo 06 August 2018

Contact analysis of a curved contact area

When an object is grasped with a soft finger, the contact area might be non-planar. This work presents a friction model, which is suitable for a curved contact area. It is then applied for grasping posture estimation. [Paper: ICRA 2017] [Spotlight Talk] [Poster]

drawing drawing
System Setup
Tactile Sensors
by Rovi Robotics
Friction analysis of an example location of the center of rotation (COR) axis and the limit surface of this contact.

Learning-based modular task-oriented grasp stability assessment

A learning-based approach for grasp stability assessment is usually trained for a specific task, such as lifting, hand-over, or pouring. Directly applying the same model to a new task might cause unnecessary grasp adaptations or a failure of the action.
To address this issue, we divide a manipulation task into several sub-tasks, defined as modular tasks. We train the models to estimate the grasp stability of modular tasks, such that they can be flexibly combined and adapted to new manipulation actions. [Paper: IROS 2018] [Video]


A dataset of thin-walled deformable objects

We present a dataset of synthetic thin-walled object models with volumetric representations, which is generated based on 13 real objects. [Paper] [Dataset]