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    Sun 29 September 2019
    1. Minimal Work: A Grasp Quality Metric for Deformable Hollow Objects.
      Jingyi Xu, Michael Danielczuk, Jeff Ichnowski, Jeffrey Mahler, Eckehard Steinbach, Ken Goldberg.
      Under Review, 2019.
      [Paper] [Video]

    2. Non-Planar Frictional Surface Contacts: Modeling and Application to Grasping.
      Jingyi Xu, Tamay Aykut, Daolin Ma, Eckehard Steinbach.
      Under Review, 2018.
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    3. REACH …

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  2. Projects

    Sat 28 September 2019

    Minimal work grasps for 3D deformable hollow objects

    Robot grasping of deformable hollow objects such as plastic bottles and cups is challenging as the grasp should resist disturbances while minimally deforming the object so as not to damage it or dislodge liquids. We propose minimal work as a novel grasp …

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